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Stop Losing Your Carts! Let us recover your carts and racks.

30% of all nursery carts are lost or stolen. We recover your shipping assets, so you can focus on what you do best, cultivation.

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Why use us for Sweeps?

We recover 500,000+ assets per year, including the 100,000+ racks that we own and rent to customers. With our expertise, we decided to bring our asset recovery solution to nursery customers who ship their own carts & racks to retailers and independent garden centers in our network.

 We fulfill sweeps for a variety of reasons, including one-off shipments, long-distances, and end of year market clean up. We recover Seasonal Programs for a number of nursery customers, including Mums, Pumpkins and Poinsettias.  Our goal is to make the process as simple as possible for you, so you can avoid massive losses and focus on growing and delivering the best products to consumers.

How It Works


You send us locations and quantities: You ship products to retailers or independent garden centers and send us a list of locations and quantities.



We confirm the quantity for pickup: Our call center begins contacting retailers and independent garden centers to confirm the number of empty carts or racks, and then we dispatch recovery agents.



We pick up carts and racks: The recovery agent disassembles the cart and racks (as needed) and returns them to our location.



We deliver back to you: We coordinate return delivery back to you for quicker reuse.


Benefits of Working With Us

20+ Years Experience

We transformed the nursery industry by allowing nurseries to ship products to major big-box retailers nationwide on cost-efficient recoverable rental racks. We know how to manage the return of our assets, and we pass along that expertise to our customers.

Recovery Network

We currently have 10,000+ retailers nationwide in our network. Many customers like working with us because it enables them to sell to more stores, especially in areas that they may have struggled servicing before. We coordinate with an extensive network of transportation companies that provide local pick-up quickly.

Cost Savings

Given our ability to execute cart & rack sweep programs quickly, customers typically see cost savings. We average a 90%+ recovery rate, meaning you can spend less money replacing your assets and create a bigger market by utilizing our recovery resources.

Decrease Product Loss

30% of all nursery carts are lost or stolen.  We typically have a higher cart & rack recovery than when customers execute sweeps themselves. In addition, carts tend to dwell at locations when recovery isn’t the primary focus of the business.


We can execute cart & rack sweeps quickly. Typically done in waves, customers give us a week’s notice of when they are shipping, and given our network, we can get their assets recovered quickly.

Greater Capacity

A typical recovery facility has 10-50 trucks and a storage/ distribution facility where the carts & racks are held until we arrange for transportation back to the customer. We give you access to our web-based tracking systems for reporting of all cart & rack pickups.

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Retailers Love EZRack

We pick up racks from 10,000+ locations nationwide and growing.

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“…I’ve recommended Reusability to some people, and I know they have had some hits as a result of us doing so…”


”…Reusability really is the best option, and you’ll see them both West and East Coast, they’re really used in all markets…”


“…Long distance shippers prefer to use Reusability because otherwise you have no way of getting your own racks back…”


“… I’m very satisfied with our relationship with Reusability. I think Ned has been a great addition to the organization. I talked to some of my employees who manage the paperwork, and they all have had positive experiences as well..”

Logistics Manager

“…Reusability stepped in to help us find an alternative to our long distance shipping- when we ship far, we really can’t afford to go get our racks…”

Logistics/IT Manager

We recovered 5,800 carts for our customer in 2019.

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