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The Problem

Many window & door manufacturers use disposable wood packaging to transport their expensive products to retailers and dealers nationwide.

With the primary focus of the business on other aspects of the supply chain, many manufacturers don’t have the means or desire to manage the design and recovery logistics of a reusable packaging program.

That's where Reusability can help.

Windows In Wood Protective Packaging

The Solution

Reusability helps window & door manufacturers convert from disposable, wooden packaging to reusable crate packaging for shipments to dealers and retailers.

For 20+ years, we’ve provided rental racks and recovery to the nursery industry. Managing 100,000+ of our own assets, we’ve completed over 10,000,000 recoveries. 

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No matter where you are in your reusable packaging journey, we have the solution for you.



We partner with the best reusable packaging design firms to develop eco-friendly, durable, and cost-effective packaging for our customers. If you don't have reusable packaging, we leverage our consulting expertise to help in design and development. If you have an existing design but are looking for improvement, we share best practices to enhance your existing design. 


When our partners ship their reusable packaging to retailers and dealers, our proprietary software enables them to track and manage their assets and see the economic and environmental impact of their reusable packaging programs.


We manage hundreds of thousands of our own assets so we know what it takes to manage successful programs.


Leveraging our expertise in recovery, we handle the management and pick-up of all reusable packaging assets. With our 40+ strategically placed facilities nationwide, we handle all logistics of asset recovery including full inspection and quality assurance. We also assist with refurbishment solutions, product sorting, kitting, repackaging, warehousing, recycling and storage solutions.

With Reusability, window & door manufacturers save up to 50% on their packaging costs over 3 years.

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Program Benefits

Cost Savings

You’ll reduce the number of packaging units you'll need to purchase and we will handle the processing and pick up. This means you’ll save on labor and logistics cost. On average, our programs have a 13-month payback period.

Reduce Waste

Sustainability is at the heart of many corporate missions today. Reusable packaging means no more wood going to landfills, less energy used, and less total greenhouse gas emissions.

Safer Choice

You’ll improve your workplace safety by eliminating the workplace injuries experienced with disposable wooden packaging. No more need to build and tear-down single-use packaging or handle broken debris.

Product Protection

Reusable packaging is durable and sturdy, and designed specifically for your product. Moving to reusables reduces the frequent damage caused by inconsistent single-use, wooden packaging.

Retailer Network

We currently manage assets sent to some of the largest retailers in the world, including The Home Depot, Lowe’s, Sam’s Club and more. We will support you on a national scale when it comes to recovering reusable packaging.

Stonger Relationships

Saving money on your packaging could assist in providing lower prices for your retailer and dealer clients. All of this leads to stronger relationships with your customers. In addition, your customers no longer have to incur disposal fees associated with landfilling single-use packaging.

Higher Turns

Our accurate pickups save clients over 30% with faster turnover. The shape of reusable packaging often allows for better utilization of trucks, as units can often be stacked. This means improved logistics and transportation efficiencies, which result in fewer trips and reduced fuel costs.

Time Savings

Manufacturers benefit from not having to build packaging and dealers benefit from not having to tear down single-use packaging, amounting to significant time savings.
ATV Reusable Packaging Report & Case Study

Case Study

See how a reusable packaging program saved a transport temperature control manufacturer $1,000,000 and 2,000 tons of solid waste to landfills annually.

Read Their Story

How Reusable Packaging Programs Work

No matter where you are in your reusable journey, our multi-step management process ensures you see the ROI of reusable packaging with as little capital outlay as possible.


Packaging Development: If you don't already have reusable packaging, we connect you to one of our design partners who will create options, financial analysis benchmarks, and prototype development of a returnable solution for your products.

Packaging Development Image


Shipment: Once packaging is designed and developed, customers ship their product in reusable packaging, which they own or rent, to their customers (Dealers, OEMs, Distributors, Retailers, Installers) and inform us of where they ship.

Shipment Image


Status Confirmation: We leverage our proprietary software to email, text, or call locations to confirm that empty packaging is ready for pickup and dispatch our agents.

Status Confirmation Image


Recovery: Our agents recover empty packaging along specified routes and return to regional facilities.

Recovery Image


Repackaging and Quality Control: We consolidate shipments at our regional facilities, inspect for damage, and repair per your custom requirements.

Repackaging and Quality Control Image


Return: We return packaging to our customers, generally in full truckload quantities, ready to be used again.

Return Image

Once the program is established, we focus on continuous improvement to ensure the best financial and sustainability results for our customers.

Retailers Love Reusability

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