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Sester Farms, a family-run wholesale nursery, leverages EZRacks during peak season to ship to small, independent garden centers & retailers

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Program Background

Sester Farms is a 40+ year-old, family-owned and operated wholesale grower and nursery based in the Northern Willamette Valley in Oregon. Specializing in root pruned conifers, ornamental and deciduous trees, and shrubs, they sell directly to small independent garden centers and retailers, other growers and wholesalers. Sester Farms started working with us in November 2019 to leverage our rental racks to ship to their small and large customers throughout the United States & Canada.

Industry: Nursery
Location: Oregon, United States and Canada
Services: Rental Racks
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The Problem

Before working with Reusability, Sester used wooden racks made in-house to transport their products. The problem with wooden racks is that they require lead time in making them, making it difficult to anticipate specific heights of plants. Often, this required making plants fit onto specific racks, not ideal for preventing product damage.

Sester liked the idea of a scalable reusable alternative that did not require CapEx for their shipments to many small independent garden centers & retail customers.

Initially thinking that EZRacks only worked for large shipments to big-box retailers, Sester Farms wasn't sure if our rentals would work with some of their customers who only need 1-2 racks in a delivery. However, we are able to successfully work with customers of all sizes because of our vast network.

The Goal

To have a rental rack solution that could transport small shipments of products on 1-2 racks to locations throughout the United States & Canada.

The Solution

Our flexibility provided a rental rack program that worked for Sester Farms’ large and small, independent garden centers & retailers. Reusability has been great at managing smaller shipments of just 1-2 racks to specific customers.

Bethany Sester is the Operations Manager and wears several hats within the organization, including sourcing racks to transport products to customers.

According to Bethany, EZRacks work great because you can customize the spacing on the shelves which is important because Sester Farms has different length products. This helps maximize the number of plants shipped in their trucks. Not worrying about building racks themselves, and the potential hazards that come with that, made EZRacks a great alternative option.

For Sester Farms, the program's cost is similar to what they spent before, but they realize freight savings as well as saving on labor because of ease of use, maximizing product transport, and on demand efficiencies from not having to build wooden racks themselves.

After signing up with Reusability in Fall 2019, they sent their first shipment in February 2020 and did their entire Spring shipping season on EZRacks.

The Results

For the 2020 Spring season, Sester Farms rented 1,600 racks.

Based on this number, they've seen the following sustainability and financial impact vs. if they used wooden racks.

  • Carbon Footprint Savings: Using EZRacks has led to 47,804 lbs of CO2 saved. This is equivalent to 19 football stadiums of forest, or 18 trees saved by using EZRacks.
  • Cost Savings: Sester Farms saved 25% off their freight and racking costs by switching to EZRacks. 


"The flexibility EZRacks provide was a game-changer for us because many of our garden center customers are small. It's been a really easy process working with you!"
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Bethany Sester
Operations Manager

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