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Sustainable Packaging Logistics Solutions for The Household Durables Industry

Our specialized packaging logistics solutions are designed to help manufacturers & suppliers solve their packaging recovery challenges

The expectations of household goods consumers are hitting a higher bar, as they are choosing to invest in household goods that are more eco-friendly than others. Along with this elevated standard, retail companies like Amazon are changing the game of delivery times, making even one-day delivery the norm for many consumers.

The Problem

Most household durable companies are stuck facing the hardships of the standard supply chain. They experience issues with product destruction during transportation because of unreliable, unsustainable packaging, and are more vulnerable to material shortages due to a lack of green reverse logistics in their business models.

This is leading to product returns, shipping delays, dramatically increased fuel and disposable packaging costs, and unhappy customers at home.

The inefficient energy use in supply chains leads to higher greenhouse gas emissions and energy costs overall, in an evolving era of increased corporate scrutiny around developing and reaching ESG goals.

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Building Materials

The Solution

Reusability keeps in mind your company’s needs and goals, in order to deliver the most sustainable packaging system available for your business.

Our focus is on saving you money and greenhouse gas emissions as a result.

With a new and improved circular supply chain, your household durables company can take its seat at the ESG table, introducing the opportunity for greater investor partnerships and customer relations, all while doing good for the planet.

The long-term cost savings of reusable packaging are proven to amount to less than single-use packaging due to the longevity of the materials and returns management process.

Use this calculator to get an estimate on your returnable packaging cost savings by the US Environmental Protection Agency.

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The Result: Hassle-Free Sustainability

The Reusable Packaging Association 2020 State of the Industry Report states that the global packaging market reached about $950 billion in value this year, with approximately $200 billion of that being transportation or transit packaging.

Reusable packaging programs are versatile and can be individually built for many types of industries and companies, from eco-friendly rugs to water heaters. The opportunities of reusable shipping and transport packaging within the household durables sector span to manufacturers of:
  • Consumer electronics
  • Home furnishings
  • Homebuilding
  • Household appliances
  • Housewares

Successful Circular Supply Chains in the Household Durables Industry


Popular household goods company, Whirlpool, reduced its carbon footprint by 60% since its implementation of sustainable business operations. After reaching its lowest levels of plant emissions in 10 years, Whirlpool decided to aim higher, with the goal to achieve Net Zero emissions in its operations by 2030.

By leveraging the benefits of the circular supply chain in its manufacturing and distribution centers, Whirlpool is experiencing continuous positive results in both its operations and its consumer base.

Explore Whirlpool’s sustainability initiatives here.

Transforming Home Goods with Reusable Packaging

Herman Miller, a furniture manufacturer for a variety of industries, has utilized the opportunities for reusable packaging to achieve its goals of zero landfill waste, reducing its environmental footprint and product transport destruction, as well as meeting the sustainability needs of its customers.

No matter where you are in your reusable packaging journey, we have the solution for you.

Packaging Development

If you don't already have reusable packaging, we connect you to one of our design partners who will create options, financial analysis benchmarks, and prototype development of a returnable solution for your products.

Logistics Management

When our partners ship their reusable packaging to retailers and dealers, our proprietary software enables them to track and manage their assets and see the economic and environmental impact of their reusable shipping packaging programs.

We manage hundreds of thousands of our own assets so we know what it takes to manage successful programs.

Packaging Recovery

Leveraging our expertise in recovery, we handle the management and pick-up of all reusable shipping packaging assets. With our 40+ strategically placed facilities nationwide, we handle all logistics of asset recovery including full inspection and quality assurance. We also assist with refurbishment solutions, product sorting, kitting, repackaging, warehousing, recycling, and storage solutions.

With Reusability, companies in the household durables industry can save up to 50% on their packaging costs over 3 years.

Companies Love Reusability

Reusability encourages all types of companies to partner with us, retail and non-retail, to see an improved carbon footprint and bottom line.

“For retailers, environmental concerns are top of mind. Any product brought into stores- in boxes, crates, racks, whatever- they prefer to see that packing material immediately taken away for reuse. I know The Home Depot and Costco have so many environmental concerns, they want solutions so that they do not have to worry about a product’s packaging being put in the dumpster…”

How Reusable Packaging Management Programs Work


Packaging Development: If you don't already have reusable packaging, we connect you to one of our design partners who will create options, financial analysis benchmarks, and prototype development of a returnable solution for your products.

Packaging Development Image
Shipment Image


Shipment: Once packaging is designed and developed, customers ship their product in reusable packaging, which they own or rent, to their customers (Dealers, OEMs, Distributors, Retailers, Installers) and inform us of where they ship.


Status Confirmation: We leverage our proprietary software to email, text, or call locations to confirm that empty packaging is ready for pickup and dispatch our agents.

Status Confirmation Image
Recovery Image


Packaging Recovery: Our agents recover empty packaging along specified routes and return to regional facilities.


Repackaging and Quality Control: We consolidate shipments at our regional facilities, inspect for damage, and repair per your custom requirements.

Repackaging and Quality Control Image
Return Image


Return: We return packaging to our customers, generally in full truckload quantities, ready to be used again in their manufacturing processes.

Program Benefits

Cost Savings

You’ll reduce the number of units purchased with reusable packaging, and we will handle the processing and pick up. This means you’ll save on labor and logistics costs. On average, our programs have a 13-month payback period.

Less Waste

Sustainability is at the heart of many corporations today. Reusable packaging means no more wood going to landfills, less energy used, and less total greenhouse gas emissions.

Safer Choice

You’ll improve your workplace safety by eliminating the workplace injuries experienced with disposable wooden packaging. No more need to build and tear down single-use packaging or handle broken debris.

Product Protection

Reusable packaging is durable and sturdy and designed specifically for your product. Moving to reusables reduces the frequent damages that are caused by inconsistent single-use packaging. For expensive products like household durables, this can mean significant cost savings.

Customer Benefits

Dealer partners no longer have to incur disposal fees associated with landfilling wood packaging. In addition, dealers do not have to tear down packaging for collection, which equates to significant time savings. It's a win-win for both you and your customers!

Higher Turns and Efficiencies

Our accurate pickups save clients over 30% with faster turnover. The shape of reusable packaging often allows for better utilization of trucks, as units can often be stacked. This means improved logistics and transportation efficiencies, which result in fewer trips and reduced fuel costs.


Contact our team today to learn more about how to reap the variety of benefits of reusable packaging, and improve the sustainability of your household durables business.

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