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Green Reverse Logistics: Where Powersports & Sustainability Meet

by Reusability, on February 28, 2022

Companies in the powersports industry fulfill dreams of the adrenaline junkies of the world. How? In part, by packaging and shipping their vehicles to dealers who then sell to consumers.

Snowmobile1These manufacturers might not have paid much attention to their carbon footprint in the past. However, there is now an increasing push for the implementation of sustainability initiatives through environmental, social and governance goals, or ESGs. From the investor and corporate levels, down to the dealer and consumer levels, sustainability is now a top priority for many companies.

A review by S&P Global states that 53% of revenues of the 500 largest US companies and 49% of revenues of the 1,200 largest global companies come from business activities that support sustainable development goals (SDGs).

As more and more powersports manufacturing companies try to promptly introduce sustainable processes into their supply chain operations, they may not know where to start or how to implement circular supply chain systems. Green Reverse Logistics is an ideal way to introduce sustainable processes into supply chain operations.

Keep reading to learn more about what green reverse logistics is, what its benefits are, and explore a sustainable solution that can help corporate powersports leaders achieve their ESG goals.

From Gas to Green: On the Road to Sustainability

Dirtbike1It's no surprise that unsustainable gas powertrains have been at the core of powersports products since their invention, from snowmobiles to motorcycles to side-by-sides.

Understanding the need for greener processes, powersports companies are starting to develop more eco-friendly products to eliminate the necessity for harmful gas. Taiga Motors, for example, recently released their first electric snowmobile, the Atlas.

For some powersports leaders, however, an all-electric vehicle may not currently be the easiest or fastest way to begin the march on their path to sustainability. The good news is, there are other ways, like implementing systems to recover and reuse the materials used to get a powersport vehicle from the manufacturer to the rider.

Reverse Logistics in Supply Chain Management

The reverse logistics process is the opposite of the standard supply chain. It includes planning, implementing and controlling the inbound movement of goods and storage from end-users and distribution centers back to the manufacturer. Reverse logistics also comprises products being resold or disposed of.

Manufacturers in the powersports space, such as snowmobile and motorcycle companies, mostly use large-scale wooden shipment product packaging and steel crates because their larger products need to arrive to the end user safely. These materials are reusable, however, the process of recovering and reusing these materials is often complicated and costly. Also, some packaging used isn’t reusable, so it just ends up getting thrown in landfills.

Rising Costs in Current Supply Chains

Specifically in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic, the costs of supply chain management have skyrocketed.

According to an EY webcast, 50 to 75% of the corporate cost of business is influenced by supply chain expenses.

So, especially during times of supply chain shortages, saving costs can be a saving grace for powersports original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). This is a major reason why the opportunity for powersports companies to take sustainable paths to improve their circular supply chain management is golden.

Build Customer Loyalty with Green Reverse Logistics Management

Not only does a greener supply chain save money, but using green reverse logistics solutions in supply chain management practices and strategies allows companies to reduce their environmental and energy footprint. The concept of green reverse logistics focuses on the transportation, recycling and reusability of materials.

It also improves productivity and provides the added bonus of cost savings, leaving room for better investor partnerships.

For example, when the recovery and return process of used containers and packaging is streamlined, manufacturers and dealers save time on breaking down and disposing of packaging materials.

Motorcycle2The positive benefits can even trickle down to the powersports enthusiasts themselves. When green reverse logistics solutions are used in a company’s supply chain, it’s a great opportunity for brands to increase brand loyalty with their powersports riders.

For example, as sustainable business practices become part of a new standard for all industries:

  • 76% of consumers say they will stop buying from companies that treat the environment, employees, or the community in which they operate poorly.”
  • 88% of consumers will be more loyal to a company that supports social or environmental issues.”

Powersports companies are receiving these messages, and doing their best to act accordingly.

Introducing Reusability: The Best Green Reverse Logistics Solution

iStock-969305978As a leader in reusable packaging solutions, Reusability makes it easy for companies in the powersports industry to make their supply chain more efficient and sustainable.

How? We partner with firms who make eco-friendly, durable and cost-effective packaging solutions, and ship them to dealers and retailers around the country who get to enjoy the cost savings and waste elimination in their circular supply chains. Utilizing the perks of the reverse logistics process, we take the load off our customers by recovering their used containers, refurbishing them, and recycling them for customers to use again. This saves manufacturers even more costs on new shipping containers.

Through our 40 nationwide asset return facilities nationwide, Reusability has:

  • Fulfilled 10,000,000 recoveries of returnable assets to date
  • Saved customers time, money and 59,754,561 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions.
Contact us to see how we can help you become a sustainable trailblazer in the powersports industry by transforming your circular supply chain with green reverse logistics solutions today.

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