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Sell more and save money on merchandising with retail-ready display racks that draw customers in.

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Retail-Ready Display Racks with POP

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  • We offer fully kitted retail ready EZRacks that can be shipped directly to retail locations. It’s an easy and affordable way to create eye-catching displays for grocery, drug, warehouse, and other retailers.

  • They are available in three standard sizes-quarter, half and full-size, with wrap options in plastic and paper corrugate. Additionally, you can order custom sizes and colors.

  • EZRacks for merchandising are available for rent or purchase. If you choose to rent, once merchandise on the racks is purchased, we can recover them. If you want to buy the racks, merchandisers can reuse them for many product displays. Removing the graphic panels leaves no residue on the rack.
  • We recover 500,000+ racks per year for our customers, and we work with facilities and merchandising to ensure timely and accurate pickups and drop offs. The design of the packaging is fully road-tested, and the racks can be moved by forklift or pallet jack upon arrival.

  • Because of our 20+ years’ experience, we are also able to pick up packaging assets that are crowding behind retail stores or at loading docks and return them for reuse in merchandising or transport.

  • Our technology solution and footprint allow us to inventory and track both retailer and non-retailer owned assets.
Leveraging EZRacks is a simple, organized way to increase sales.

Rack Features Include:


  • Quarter Size: 24" x 24" x 42"
  • Half Size: 40" x 24" x 42"
  • Full Size: 48" x 20" x 48"
  • 750-1,800 lbs. rack capacity
  • Adjustable levels every 1.5"
  • 200-400 lbs. level capacity
  • Access the rack from all four sides



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Seasonal & Holiday Merchandising

We offer innovative solutions for seasonal products and holiday merchandise as well. Whether it’s pumpkins, wreaths, watermelons or something else, leverage an EZRack to display your products at point-of-purchase (POP).

Many seasonal items are traditionally shipped via disposable, wooden pallets. Not only is disposal packaging wasteful to the environment and landfills, but the displays are often unattractive to consumers.

On average, retailers see sell-through increases of 20% using racks for merchandising other seasonal items alongside and leveraging the racks as endcaps.

We work closely with our packaging engineers to design modifications that increase capacity, are retail-friendly, and cost-effective.

Inquire to see how merchandising with EZRacks can increase your sales.

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How Our Rental Program Works


We ship to growers, manufacturers, or merchandisers at the time of need or beginning of the season.



Your team build the racks and loads them with products that can be shrink-wrapped for shipping.



Racks are loaded onto trucks, maximizing truck space, and are shipped directly to retailers.



At that point, you’re done. The product is sold directly off the rack for better sell-through with lower merchandising costs.



We recover racks once retailers sell the product successfully and repeat the process.


Store Fixture Transport

Stores that need to move their fixtures between locations can  leverage our dedicated national network to pick up and move caselines, carpet and fixtures.

Our team of experts can help retailers reduce CapEx by up to 90% by leveraging fixture reuse instead of disposal.  Many retailers are excellent at moving merchandise between locations but are unable to coordinate fixture moves between stores.

If you are a retailer looking for better ways to transport your equipment, products or merchandise, we can help!

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Store Fixture Transport

Benefits of Working with Us

Increased Profits & Cashflow

Customers see an average increase in store merchandise per pallet position by 50-200% while reducing merchandising costs by up to 50%.   Merchandised racks require no capital investment, and once products are sold, we collect the racks from your locations.

Sustainability & Reduced Injuries

Wooden racks are antiquated and not very appealing. Reusable packaging keeps packaging out of landfills, meaning a smaller footprint on our environment. Save on labor and potential comp claims from injuries sustained unloading and tearing down single use packaging.

Less Damaged Product

Shipping your products on the rack they will be displayed minimizes damage from handling. Racks can be shrink wrapped to further protect products.

No Disposal Fees

For retailers and other customers, reusable packaging eliminates disposal fees that single-use packaging creates.

Visual Appeal

Organizing your products on a display that is attractive increases sell-through and profits. Current solutions typically find store personnel storing displays in corner of stores, which isn’t very appealing to customers.

Faster Turnaround

Get your products in customers’ stores ready to sell faster. Products are shipped ready to be displayed, meaning items don’t need to be remerchandised by store personnel.


“Easy to use, helps keep the aisle clean”


“The Spirea started to sell when it was put on the rack”


“Using EZRacks saved us 90%, in excess of $5MM annually. Instead of fixtures winding up in the trash, we got to reuse them at other stores. A win-win if I’ve ever seen one.”

Director of Construction
Major American Retailer

“…For retailers, environmental concerns are top of mind. Any product brought into stores- in boxes, crates, racks, whatever- they prefer to see that packing material immediately taken away for reuse. I know The Home Depot and Costco have so many environmental concerns, they want solutions so that they do not have to worry about a product’s packaging being put in the dumpster…”


“We like that the racks come apart fairly easily since we sometimes need the space”

The Home Depot


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