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Happy Returns Partners with
Reusability to Track and Deliver
Assets for their Ecommerce
Returns Management Platform

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Program Background

Happy Returns is a software and logistics provider for online retailers to
help solve the painful problem of returns. Their software enables
consumers to easily return or exchange products online and then drop
them off at one of their nationwide network of return bars, which helps
retailers save at least 10% on the cost of returns. Using a QR code,
consumers can do a box less label-less return and immediately get their

Happy Returns began partnering with Reusability in 2019 to assist
with replenishing supplies to their return bars. Happy Returns is
responsible for ensuring that each affiliate return bar location has an
inventory of the items they need to facilitate shipping retailers' returns in a
timely fashion.

Industry: Ecommerce Returns Management
Location: United States
Services: Returns Management
Happy Returns

The Problem

To ensure that consumers can quickly make the box less and label-less
returns, Happy Returns needs to provide their affiliates with shipping services and all the necessary materials to enable the returns back to their hubs. They use reusable totes for packaging to increase sustainability.
Before Reusability, they had an offline Google form, which created a supply
request through Trello with their locations team, who manually created a
label and shipped supplies.

The return bars were in charge of monitoring their own supplies and would often forget to request new ones when inventory was low. This resulted in frustrations between Happy Returns and its affiliate partners. This process also required internal labor to get the items shipped to returns bars. These issues made Happy Returns want to figure out a better way to track inventory and deliver supplies.

The Goal

Provide a streamlined and efficient way to consistently
track and deliver return supplies to the affiliate return
bars in the Happy Returns nationwide network.

The Solution

Reusability first connected with Happy Returns and explained how we do automated asset tracking with our owned reusable racks. The conversation continued to include how a partnership may help their affiliate return bars. What made Happy Returns interested in working with Reusability was how we could significantly reduce the number of times their return bars hit a zero-inventory balance. For thousands of locations, it was a big deal. Reusability’s proprietary system allows Happy Returns to track its reusable assets at various points. Reporting enables Happy Returns to see where things go missing, so less packaging is lost.

The Vice President of Operations, Timothy Fehr, was very involved in the implementation of Reusability. Tim is responsible for all refurbishment and logistics partnerships that get items from return bars to Happy Returns hubs. Go live was smooth, with Reusability generating orders right from launch. This made it easier for Happy Returns staff, as they saved time from no longer owning that responsibility.

The Results

The benefits that Tim and the Happy Returns team have seen using Reusability include:

  • Direct Expertise: Given Happy Returns' unique niche of e-commerce returns management, it was difficult to find inventory solutions that would fit their needs. Reusability's expertise in asset management enabled us to creatively solve their challenges.
  • Cost Savings: Losing reusable packaging is expensive, so having a partner to keep track of assets helps Happy Returns save money without purchasing more packaging.
  • Labor Savings: Outsourcing this business area helps Happy Returns save on 1-2 full-time employees. This translates to 15-16 hours saved in labor each day.
  • Inventory Tracking: Reusability's solution gives Happy Returns an automated way to see numbers at return bars and know what is lost and how much is needed. This allows them to track metrics and KPIs essential for their business.
  • Sustainability Savings: Shifting to reusable packaging has helped Happy Returns reduce waste from cardboard. They have saved 54 tons of cardboard from having to be recycled or disposed of.


We would absolutely recommend Reusability. They are a customer-oriented company that is very responsive to inquiries, and have been able to customize a system designed to meet our needs.

Timothy Fehr
Vice President of Operations, Happy Returns

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